2018 Coastal Carolina Bariatric Center Information Seminars

Information seminars are held for patients interested in seeking bariatric surgery as a weight loss option. These seminars are free of charge and a requirement for any bariatric surgery candidate prior to making an appointment in the office. Each seminar will start at 6:00pm and will last about an hour. Dr. Neil McDevitt will lead the discussion and inform patients of the different surgery options, risks and benefits of surgery, and the process to get from the information seminar to being scheduled for a consult and pre-op appointment. It is an informal discussion and meant as a time for patients to address any concerns they may have about the procedures. Patients must call the office at (843) 875-8994 to register for a seminar.

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  • January 8th & 18th
  • February 5th & 15th
  • March 5th & 22nd
  • April 2nd & 9th
  • May 7th & 21st
  • June 4th & 21st
  • July 5th & 16th
  • August 6th & 23rd
  • September 10th & 20th
  • October 1st & 18th
  • November 5th
  • December 3rd & 13th

If you unable to attend any of our live events, join us for our Online Seminar. For more information visit the Getting Started page.